Amadori Product

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Amadori Rearrangement - Amadori Product
... An Amadori product is an intermediate in the production of an advanced glycation end-product (AGE) as a result of glycation ... The formation of an advanced glycation end-product involves the following steps Formation of a Schiff base For example the aldehyde group of a glucose molecule will combine with ... Formation of an Amadori product The Amadori product is a re-arrangement from the Schiff base, wherein the hydrogen atom from the hydroxyl group adjacent to the carbon-nit ...
Glucosepane - Formation - Overall Reaction Pathway - Mechanism of α-dicarbonyl Formation From The Amadori Product
... The particular reaction path proceeding from the Amadori product to the α-dicarbonyl intermediate that will yield glucosepane was difficult to determine ... a key intermediate in the glucosepane reaction, forms from the Amadori product through a carbonyl shift all the way down the 6 carbon sugar backbone by ...

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