Alternatives To The Standard Model Higgs

Alternatives To The Standard Model Higgs

Although the Higgs boson as included in the Standard Model, is arguably the simplest method of achieving the Higgs mechanism, it is not without problems. Consequently, particle physicists have searched for alternative models which solve one or more of these problems, including the Higgs hierachy problem.

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Alternatives To The Standard Model Higgs - List of Alternative Models
... A partial list of proposed alternatives to a Higgs field as a source for symmetry breaking includes Technicolor models break electroweak symmetry through new gauge interactions, which were originally ... Extra-dimensional Higgsless models use the fifth component of the gauge fields to play the role of the Higgs fields ... Through the AdS/QCD correspondence this model can be related to technicolor models and to "UnHiggs" models in which the Higgs field is of unparticle nature ...

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