Alternative Energy Indexes

The principle governing the indices, apart from a regional or global focus, is that some focus on clean energy technologies while others focus on the broader alternative energy transition. Other factors which differentiate the indices are whether they:

  • focus on pure play companies – that is on companies which are principally engaged in the field of alternative energy and excludes those companies for which alternative energy is peripheral to their main business.
  • use a rule based approach – that is a clearly defined rules-based methodology, usually overseen by an impartial Index Committee, employing a pre-defined screening methodology ensures that the process is consistent and transparent.
  • are inclusive – that is strives to include all companies that are principally engaged in the field of alternative energy within a given market, a given region, or globally. Some indexes set a liquidity or market capitalization filter while others track just a predetermined number of companies (i.e. the top 15 or the top 20).

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Regional Focused Alternative Energy Indexes - WilderHill Clean Energy Index
... Tracks the 42 Clean Energy companies on US exchanges specifically, businesses that stand to benefit substantially from a societal transition toward use of cleaner energy and conservation ... and sector weightings within the WilderHill Clean Energy Index are based on their significance for clean energy, technological influence and relevance to preventing pollution in ... The index has six sub-sectors renewable energy harvesting power delivery and conservation energy storage cleaner fuels energy conversion and, greener utilities ...

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