Allison T40 - Applications


Data from:

  • Douglas A2D Skyshark
(1 × XT40-A-2)
  • North American A2J Super Savage
(2 × XT40-A-6)
  • Convair P5Y
(4 × XT40-A-5)
  • Convair R3Y Tradewind
(4 × XT40-A-10)
  • Hiller X-18
(2 × T40-A-4)
  • Lockheed XFV
(1 × YT40-A-14)
  • Convair XFY
(1 × YT40-A-14)
  • Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech
(1 × XT40-A-1 driving a single three-bladed transonic propeller)

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