All Japan High School Soccer Tournament - Finals - Results


Season Winner Score Runners–up Participating famous players
1946 Kobe Itchū 2-1 Kobe Sanchū
1947 Hiroshima Takashi Tsukichū 7-1 Amagasakichū
1948 Hiroshima Koijō 2-0 Mie Ueno Kita
1949 Osaka Ikeda 2-0 Utsunomiya Kōkkō
1950 Utsunomiya Kōkkō 4-0 Odawara Kōkkō
1951 Urawa Kokko 1-0 Osaka Mikunigaoka
1952 Hiroshima Shūdō 2-1 Yamanashi Nirasaki
1953 Hiroshima Higashi Senda
Osaka Kishiwada
1954 Urawa Kōkkō 5-2 Aichi Kariya
1955 Urawa Kōkkō 4-1 Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita
1956 Urawa Nishi 3-2 Hitachi Daiichi
1957 Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita 4-2 Aichi Kariya
1958 Kyoto Yamashiro 2-1 Hiroshima University Tsuki
1959 Ichiritsu Urawa 1-0 Osaka Myōjō
1960 Ichiritsu Urawa 4-0 Iwate Tono
1961 Hiroshima Shūdō 2-0 Kyoto Yamashiro
1962 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka 1-0 Ichiritsu Urawa
1963 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka 2-0 Osaka Myōjō
1964 Ichiritsu Urawa 3-1 Utsunomiya Gakuen
1965 Ichiritsu Narashino
Osaka Myōjō
1966 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
Ichiritsu Shogyo Akita
1967 Rakuhoku Kyoto
Sanyo Hiroshima
1968 Ritsumeikan Hatsushiba 1-0 Sanyo Hiroshima
1969 Urawa Minami 1-0 Ritsumeikan Hatsushiba
1970 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka 3-1 Hamana Shizuoka
1971 Ichiritsu Narashino 2-0 Toyo Ehime
1972 Urawa Ichiritsu 2-1 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
1973 Kansai Hokuyo 2-1 Fujieda Higashi Shizuoka
1974 Itabashi Teikyo 3-1 Shimizu Higashi
1975 Urawa Minami 2-1 Shizuoka Kogyo
1976 Urawa Minami 5-4 Shizuoka Gakuen
1977 Itabashi Teikyo 5-0 Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Naoji Ito
1978 Ibaraki Furukawa Daiichi 2-1 Muroran Ohtani
1979 Itabashi Teikyo 4-0 Yamanashi Nirasaki
1980 Ibaraki Furukawa Daiichi 2-1 Shimizu Higashi
1981 Saitama Bunan 2-0 Yamanashi Nirasaki Osamu Taninaka
1982 Shimizu Higashi 4-1 Yamanashi Nirasaki
1983 Itabashi Teikyo 1-0 Shimizu Higashi
1984 Itabashi Teikyo
Nagasaki Shimabara Shogyo
1-1 Hiroaki Matsuyama
1985 Shimizu Shogyo 2-0 Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Hisashi Kurosaki
1986 Shimizu Tokai University Shogyo 2-0 Nagasaki Kunimi Ademir Santos
1987 Nagasaki Kunimi 1-0 Shimizu Tokai University Shogyo
1988 Shimizu Shogyo 1-0 Ichiritsu Funabashi
1989 Ehime Minamiuwa 2-1 Saitama Bunan Yoshihiro Nishida
1990 Nagasaki Kunimi 1-0 Kagoshima Jitsugyo
1991 Itabashi Teikyo
Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo
2-2 Masanobu Matsunami
1992 Nagasaki Kunimi 2-0 Kyoto Yamashiro
1993 Shimizu Shogyo 2-1 Nagasaki Kunimi Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, Hidetoshi Nakata
1994 Ichiritsu Funabashi 5-0 Itabashi Teikyo Seigo Narazaki
1995 Kagoshima Jitsugyo
Shizuoka Gakuen
1996 Ichiritsu Funabashi 2-1 Tōkō Gakuen Shunsuke Nakamura
1997 Higashi Fukuoka 2-1 Itabashi Teikyo Yasuhito Endō, Koji Nakata
1998 Higashi Fukuoka 4-2 Itabashi Teikyo Keiji Tamada
1999 Ichiritsu Funabashi 2-0 Kagoshima Jitsugyo Daisuke Matsui
2000 Nagasaki Kunimi 3-0 Kusatsu Higashi Marcus Tulio Tanaka, Yoshito Ōkubo
2001 Nagasaki Kunimi 3-1 Gifu Kogyo
2002 Ichiritsu Funabashi 1-0 Nagasaki Kunimi
2003 Nagasaki Kunimi 6-0 Chikuyo Gakuen Sōta Hirayama
2004 Kagoshima Jitsugyo 0-0 Ichiritsu Funabashi Shinji Okazaki
2005 Shiga Yasu 2-1 Kagoshima Jitsugyo Takashi Inui
2006 Morioka Shogyo 2-1 Sakuyo Ryohei Yamazaki
2007 Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa 4-0 Fujieda Higashi Genki Omae
2008 Hiroshima Minami 3-2 Kagoshima Josai Yuya Osako
2009 Yamanashi Gakuin University 1-0 Aomori Yamada
2010 Takigawa Daini 5-3 Kumiyama Ryo Miyaichi, Gaku Shibasaki
2011 Ichiritsu Funabashi 2-1 Yokkaichi Chuo Kogyo Ryohei Shirasaki, Musashi Suzuki
2012 Miyazaki Hōshō 2-2 Kyoto Tachibana Naomichi Ueda, Reo Mochizuki

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