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Mitochondrial Eve - Common Misconceptions - Not The Most Recent Ancestor Shared By All Humans
... All humans alive today share a surprisingly recent common ancestor, perhaps even within the last 5,000 years, even for people born on different continents ... shared by all living humans was the time at which all humans who were then alive either left no descendants alive today or were common ancestors to ... human has exactly the same set of genealogical ancestors" alive at the "Identical ancestors point" in time ...
Life On Earth (TV series) - Episodes
... In fact, at this time, every insect known today was already in existence 4 "The Swarming Hordes" 6 February 1979 (1979-02-06) This episode details the ... Those that survived were water-dwellers, and the bull Nile crocodile is the largest reptile alive today ... it had claws on its wings and there is only one species alive today that does so the hoatzin, whose chicks possess them for about a week or so ...
Eskrima - Notable Styles - Practiced in The Philippines
... the student, thus making it hard to attract students and keep the arts alive ... is the highest ranking Grand Master in the Modern Arnis system alive today ... with De la Cruz in the Modern Arnis system today ...

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    I myself smoke, but my wife asked me to speak today on the harmfulness of tobacco, so what can I do? If it’s tobacco, then let it be tobacco.
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860–1904)

    But since ‘tis only Fred,
    Who was alive and is dead,
    There’s no more to be said.
    Unknown. On Prince Frederick (l. 11–13)