Alice De Janzé

Alice de Janzé, née Silverthorne (28 September 1899 – 30 September 1941), also known as Alice de Trafford and holder of the noble title Comtesse (Countess) de Janzé for a few years, was an American heiress who spent years in Kenya, as a member of the Happy Valley set of colonials. She was connected with numerous scandals, including the attempted murder of her lover in 1927, as well as the 1941 murder of The 22nd Earl of Erroll in Kenya. Her tempestuous life was marked by promiscuity, drug abuse and several suicide attempts.

Growing up in Chicago and New York, Silverthorne was a multi-millionaire heiress, relative of the powerful Armour family and one of the most prominent American socialites of her time. She entered French aristocracy in the early 1920s, when she married Count de Janzé. In the mid-1920s, she was introduced to the infamous Happy Valley set, a community of white expatriates in East Africa, notorious for their hedonistic lifestyle. In 1927, she made international news when she shot her lover in a Paris railway station and then shot herself. They both survived. She stood trial but was only fined with a small amount of money and later pardoned by the French state. She further scandalized the public by marrying and later divorcing the man she shot.

In 1941, her name was brought up as one of the major suspects in the well-publicized murder of Lord Erroll in Kenya, a former lover and friend of hers. After numerous failed suicide attempts throughout her life, she died of a self-inflicted gunshot in September 1941. Her personality has been referenced both in fiction and non-fiction, most notably in the book White Mischief and its film adaptation, where she was portrayed by Sarah Miles.

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