Alias DVD Releases

Alias DVD Releases

The following is a list of episodes of Alias, an American action, drama, thriller, and science fiction television series which debuted on September 30, 2001, on ABC. The series follows Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow, a double agent for the CIA working inside of the counter-government agency SD-6.

The main theme of the series explores Sydney's obligation to conceal her true career from her friends and family, even as she assumes multiple aliases to carry out her missions. These themes are most prevalent in the first two seasons of the show. A major plotline of the series is the search for and recovery of artifacts created by Milo Rambaldi, a Renaissance-era character with similarities to both Leonardo da Vinci and Nostradamus.

On May 22, 2006 the series completed its run, airing a total of 105 episodes over five seasons. An animated short was included on the DVD release of season 3.

In addition to the individual season sets, the complete series was released on DVD with a bonus disc and a book that reveals the deepest secrets of the series, packaged in a "Rambaldi artifact box".

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