Algeria At The 1980 Summer Olympics - Football


Men's Team Competition
  • Preliminary Round (Group C)
    • Defeated Syria (3-0)
    • Lost to East Germany (0-1)
    • Drew with Spain (1-1)
  • Quarter Finals
    • Lost to Yugoslavia (0-3)
  • Team Roster
    • Mourad Amara
    • Mahmoud Guendouz
    • Bouzid Mahiouz
    • Chaabane Merzekane
    • Mohamed Kheddis
    • Rabah Madjer
    • Ali Fergani
    • Tedj Bensaoula
    • Lakhdar Belloumi
    • Salah Assad
    • Mohamed Rahmani
    • Salah Larbes
    • Mohamed Ouamar Ghrib
    • Abderrahmane Derouaz
    • Hocine Yahi
    • Djamel Menad
  • Head Coach: Mahieddine Khalef

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