Algebraic Data Types

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Product Type
... In programming languages and type theory, a product of types is another, compounded, type in a structure ... The "operands" of the product are types, and the structure of a product type is determined by the fixed order of the operands in the product ... An instance of a product type retains the fixed order, but otherwise may contain all possible instances of its primitive data types ...
Generalized Algebraic Data Type
... In functional programming, a generalized algebraic data type (GADT, also first-class phantom type, guarded recursive datatype, or equality-qualified type) is ... this extension, the parameters of the return type of a data constructor can be freely chosen when declaring the constructor, while for algebraic data types in Haskell 98, the ... language extends Haskell with generalized algebraic data types ...

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    The bourgeoisie loves so-called “positive” types and novels with happy endings since they lull one into thinking that it is fine to simultaneously acquire capital and maintain one’s innocence, to be a beast and still be happy.
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    I have no scheme about it,—no designs on men at all; and, if I had, my mode would be to tempt them with the fruit, and not with the manure. To what end do I lead a simple life at all, pray? That I may teach others to simplify their lives?—and so all our lives be simplified merely, like an algebraic formula? Or not, rather, that I may make use of the ground I have cleared, to live more worthily and profitably?
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    To write it, it took three months; to conceive it three minutes; to collect the data in it—all my life.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)