Alex Arion - Career - Recent Years (2008-present)

Recent Years (2008-present)

On January 19, 2008, he and Bobby Fish lost to Sabotage (Eddie Edwards & DC Dillinger) and to Bob Evans in a rematch for the EPW Heavyweight title several days later. On January 28, Arion teamed with Max Bauer, Brian Fury and Bobby Fish in an 8-man survival match against NECW Triple Crown champion Rick Fuller, Antonio Thomas, DC Dillinger and Eddie Edwards in the main event at NECW Snowbrawl. Although his team won the match, Arion was eliminated when he was pinned by Eddie Edwards.

On March 29, he was accompanied by his sister Elektra Arion who was at ringside during his match against Scotty Osbourne at NECW March Badness. That same month, he beat Antonio Thomas at a show for Eastern Pro Wrestling. Arion later replaced Thomas in the 5th annual Iron 8 tournament. Defeating "The Japanese Terror" Kahagas in the first round, he later won the tournament pinning the previous winner Eddie Edwards in the finals. A four-way match, the other wrestlers involved were Scott Osborne and Gran Akuma. On June 6, he defeated Bryan Logan for the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in Lowell, Massachusetts. He held both the Heavyweight and New England championships for two months until being forced to forfeit the New England title to Scott Reed on August 15. On September 20, Arion made a special appearance at NECW's show Autumn Unleashed as guest referee in the main event between Max Bauer and D.C. Dillinger for the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship.

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