Alberta Separatism - Foundations


Alberta separatism arises from the belief held by some that Alberta is culturally distinct from the rest of Canada, particularly Central Canada and Eastern Canada, and from the belief that Alberta is harmed economically by providing financial support to other provinces through the federal transfer payment program. The Alberta economy has been traditionally based on ranching, and in the last half of the 20th century, been bolstered by considerable revenues from oil and gas production. Alberta has developed a political culture that is more conservative, in both economic and social issues, than the rest of Canada.

Alberta separatism takes many different forms:

  • some advocate Alberta seceding from Canada to establish its own country;
  • more common is the idea that Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) should separate to form one country, possibly including Canada's northern territories;
  • one is that Alberta should separate only with British Columbia;

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