Alberta Secondary Highways - Former Highways

Former Highways

This is a list of defunct Alberta provincial highways. They have either been renamed, or are no longer provincially maintained.

Current Marker Former Name Current Names Description Length (km)
Highway 14X Highway 216 (Anthony Henday Dr) From Hwy 14 & Hwy 628 (Whitemud Drive) between Edmonton & Sherwood Park, to Hwy 16. Was renumbered Highway 216 in the 1990s, and signed as a part of Anthony Henday Drive in 2010. 9.7
Highway 16X Highway 16 (Yellowhead Highway) From Hwy 16 (now Hwy 16A & Parkland Highway) east of Carvel, through Spruce Grove, to Hwy 2 (170 Street) & Hwy 16 (Yellowhead Trail) in Edmonton. Renumbered from Highway 16X to Highway 16, when the original Highway 16 (through Stony Plain & Spruce Grove) was renumbered Highway 16A & Parkland Highway, in 1997. 36
Highway 17 Highway 43 Hwy 17 from Hwy 16 west of the Town of Stony Plain to the Town of Whitecourt was renumbered to Hwy 43 in the mid-1940s. 154
Highway 21A Hwy 11 (D. Thompson Hwy); Twp Rd 390 From Hwy 11 & Hwy 21, to Hwy 12 in Nevis, became part of Highway 11 in the 1990s. 4.9

Highway 26
Highway 21A
Highway 21
Highway 806; Highway 575; Highway 836 Hwy 26 from Hwy 9 near the Village of Beiseker north to the Village of Acme, then east to the Village of Carbon, and then south back to Hwy 9 was de-designated in the early 1970/71. Subsequently, the first two segments were re-designated as Hwy 806 and Hwy 575 in 1972/73 and the third segment was re-designated as Hwy 836 in 1993/94.

Prior to 1962/63, the portion of Hwy 26 from Hwy 21 to Hwy 9 via Acme was numbered Hwy 21A, while prior to 1958/59, the portion of Hwy 21A from Hwy 21 to Hwy 9 via Acme was numbered Hwy 21.

Highway 28X Highway 55 Hwy 28X from Hwy 28 south of the City of Cold Lake to the Saskatchewan/Alberta border became part of Hwy 55 in the late 1970s concurrently when, or shortly after, the balance of Hwy 55 was designated from the City of Cold Lake to Athabasca. 13.6
Highway 29 Range Road 15; Township Road 530 From Spring Lake (formerly Edmonton Beach) to Highway 16A/Parkland Highway (formerly Highway 16) west of Stony Plain. Dropped by the province in the mid-1980s. 5.7
Highway 30 Range Road 42; Range Road 35 From Kapasiwin to Highway 16 east of Wabamun. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 3.5
Highway 33 Highway 633; Range Road 32 Hwy 33 from Hwy 43 south of the Town of Onoway to Alberta Beach was renumbered from Hwy 33 to Hwy 633 in the early 1980s. 10.4

Highway 34 Highway 43; Highway 49 From Hwy 2 north of Grande Prairie at Four Mile Corner, through Bezanson and Debolt, to Hwy 43 in Valleyview. Became part of Highway 43, when 76 km section of Hwy 43 (Valleyview to Donnelly) became Highway 49, and 92 km section of Hwy 2 (BC border to Grande Prairie) became part of Hwy 43 on 1 March 1998. 104
Highway 38 156 Street NW Hwy 38 from Stony Plain Road (formerly Hwy 16A) to 79 Avenue NW (now Whitemud Drive) serving the former Town of Jasper Place (now City of Edmonton) was de-designated in 1962/63. 3.2
Highway 40 Highway 501; Range Road 241A Hwy 40 from the Montana/Alberta border to Hwy 2 south of the Town of Cardston was renumbered to Hwy 501. 23.5

Highway 46 Highway 63; Highway 55 From Hwy 28 west of the Hamlet of Radway to the Hamlet of Lac La Biche. Segments became part of Hwy 63 and Hwy 55 in the late 1970s concurrently when, or shortly after, Hwy 55 was designated from the Saskatchewan/Alberta border to Athabasca. 153
Highway 48 Highway 41 From the Montana/Alberta border near Wild Horse to Hwy 1 west of the Hamlet of Irvine. Became part of Hwy 41 in the late 1970s or early 1980s. 114
Highway 51 Highway 12; Township Road 404 From Hwy 22 north of Rocky Mountain House, to Hwy 12 & Hwy 20 west of Bentley. Became part of Highway 12 when the original Highway 12 (from Bentley, through Rimbey & Breton, to Alsike) became part of Highway 20 in the 1980s. 59

Highway 57 Highway 22; Highway 39 From Hwy 16 & Hwy 16A in Entwistle, through Drayton Valley, to Hwy 20 & Hwy 39 in Alsike. 55 km section became part of Highway 22, and 27 km section became part of Highway 39 in the 1970s. 82
Highway 67 Highway 88 (Bicentennial Hwy) From Hwy 2 in Slave Lake, through Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, Red Earth Creek and Fort Vermilion, before crossing the Peace River, to Hwy 58. Renumbered Highway 88 in 1988. 427
Highway 92
Highway 992
Highway 892 Hwy 992 from Hwy 28 west of the Hamlet of Ardmore to northeast of Moore Lake, approximately 10 km (6.2 mi) north of Hwy 55, was renumbered to Hwy 92 in the early 1980s and renumbered again to Hwy 892 in the mid-1980s. 24
Highway 517 From Hwy 40 south of Bob Creek Wildland Provincial Park, along the south side of Oldman River, to Hwy 22. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 22
Highway 565 Township Road 254 From Hwy 895 (Range Road 43) south of Oyen, to Hwy 41 in Acadia Valley. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 19.0
Highway 596 Township Road 381 From Hwy 781 south of Sylvan Lake, to Hwy 11 west of Red Deer. Dropped by the province in 2000s. 18.2
Highway 615 Highway 26; Township Road 470 From Hwy 36 south of Viking, to Hwy 14 west of Kinsella. Became part of Highway 26 in 2009. 14.0
Highway 636 Josephburg Rd; Twp Rd 550; North Av, Josephburg From Hwy 15 in Fort Saskatchewan, to Hwy 830 in Josephburg. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 7.7
Highway 637 Highway 29; Township Road 554 From Hwy 15 west of Lamont, through Hairy Hill, to Hwy 36 in Duvernay. Became part of Highway 29 in 2006. 75
Highway 649 Hwy 654; Twp Rd 572/573 From Hwy 757 north of Sangudo, along the north side of Pembina River, to Hwy 764. 6.9 km section became part of Highway 654, and 8.4 km section dropped by province. 15.3
Highway 650 Township Road 570 From Hwy 33 north of Rich Valley, to Hwy 44 in Alcomdale. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 34
Highway 720 Rge Rd 123; Twp Rd 734; Rge Rd 125 From Hwy 671 west of Goodfare, through Horse Lake I.R. 152B, to Hwy 43 west of Hwy 59. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 22
Highway 734 Forestry Trunk Road Originally two sections, section from Hwy 40 east of Grande Cache, to Hwy 43 east of Grande Prairie, not picked up by the province in 2000. 169
Highway 742 Smith-Dorrien / Spray Trail, Kananaskis; (Spray Lakes Road, Canmore) Originally 70 km, closed road section from Hwy 40 in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, along the north side of Lower Kananaskis Lake & Smith-Dorrien Creek, along the east side of Spray Lakes, to Ken Ritchie Way at Canmore boundary, not picked up by the province in 2000. 62
Highway 745 Little Smoky Road; Range Road 215 From Hwy 43 in Little Smoky, to Hwy 665 south of Valleyview. Dropped by the province. 29
Highway 746 Range Road 200/195 From Hwy 2A, 1.6 km concurrency with Hwy 679, to Hwy 2 (3 Avenue NW) in McLennan. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 29
Highway 773 37 Street SW, Calgary From Hwy 549 west of Okotoks, to Hwy 22X (Spruce Meadow Trail) at south Calgary limits. Dropped by the province in the 2000s. 17.9
Highway 782 Centre Street N, Calgary From 144 Avenue N (Township Road 260), to Hwy 566 west of Balzac. Handed to Calgary when city limits expanded in 2007. 3.2
Highway 788 Golden Spike Rd; Calahoo Rd; Rge Rd 273 From Hwy 628 west of Edmonton, through Spruce Grove, to Township Road 540 west of Villeneuve. Dropped by the province, and Hwy 16 crossing closed in the 2000s. 12.9
Highway 794 Hwy 44; Rge Rd 265/264; 104 Av, Westlock From Hwy 16 west of Edmonton, through Villeneuve, Rivière Qui Barre, & Alcomdale, to Hwy 18 (100 Street) in Westlock. Became part of Highway 44 in 1999. 66
Highway 847 Rge Rd 184; 11 St, Bassano From Township Road 200, to Hwy 1 in Bassano. Not picked up by the province in 2000. 15.2
Highway 940 Hwy 40 (Bighorn Hwy); Forestry Trunk Rd Unimproved sections of the Forestry Trunk Road. Became part of Highway 40 in 2000.

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