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The Spaulding Empire

  • Alexandra Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's older sister, Currently Chairman of Spaulding Enterprises. Inherited bulk of father Brandon Spaulding's fortune after making peace with him before his death and with Alan being presumed dead at the time in 1984. Her son Nick will presumably inherit her estate upon her death.
  • Phillip Granville Spaulding - Alan's adopted son, inherited the bulk of Alan's estate. Currently CEO of Spaulding Enterprises
  • Alan-Michael Spaulding - Alan's youngest son . Alan-Michael was said to inherit one penny from his estate.
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lillian Spaulding - Alan's granddaughter via Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. Lizzie is the apple of Alan's eye and holds a trust fund and a position as an heiress to the Spaulding empire.
  • James Alexander Spaulding - Alan's grandson via Phillip Spaulding and Beth Raines. James holds a trust fund and a position as an heir to the Spaulding empire equal to that of his sister Elizabeth.
  • Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding - Alan's grandson via Phillip Spaulding and Harley Cooper. Harley has refused to allow Zach an inheritance from the Spaulding family until he is of legal age.
  • Emma Spaulding - Alan's granddaughter via Phillip Spaulding and Olivia Spencer will receive an equal portion of the Spaulding Estate as that of Lizzie, Zach and James.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Randall - Alan's great-granddaughter via Lizzie Spaulding and Jonathan Randall. She is the only great-grandchild heir to the Spaulding fortune.
  • Amanda Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's oldest daughter, controlled Spaulding Enterprises with Phillip from March 1997 until departure in March 1998. Amanda currently lives abroad.
  • Beth Raines Spaulding - Alan Spaulding's 5th wife (2005-2007) and the ex-wife of his son Phillip Spaulding, and the mother of two of Alan's grandchildren. Beth seems to be the current love of Alan's life and holds a trust fund in his will. Recently in 2008 Beth gave birth to Alan's daughter and sometime between 2009-2010 remarries Phillip.
  • Augustico "Gus" Aitoro - Alan's illegitimate son. Deceased
  • 'Raphael "Rafe" Joseph Rivera - Gus Aitoro illegitimate son and Alan's illegitimate grandson. He left enough money to take care of him and his mother.
  • Peyton Alexandra Spaulding His newborn daughter Peyton has not been included in his last will and testament. Alan's will was not revised since his 2005 marriage to Beth Raines.
  • Victoria Brandon Spaulding - Alexandra & Alan's niece via their late African American sister Victoria Spaulding.Vicky much like her mother was not close with Alan.

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