Al-Mu'tamid (المعتمد al-Muʿtamid) (844 – 15 October 892) was the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 870 to 892 and eldest surviving son of al-Mutawakkil. He held the title of caliph for 23 years, though he was a largely a ruler in name only.

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Al-Mu'tamid - His Reign As Caliph
... During the reign of his predecessor, al-Muhtadi, al-Mu'tamid was imprisoned in Samarra ... Al-Mu'tamid's brother, al-Muwaffaq, had a claim to the throne and when the Zanj Rebellion started near Baghdad, al-Mu'tamid summoned al-Muwaffaq to help him ... Al-Mu'tadid was popular in the capital, Baghdad, and al-Mu'tamid never regained any real power ...