Al-mi'raj (Dungeons & Dragons) - TSR 3140 - Birthright - Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow (2000)

Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow (2000)

TSR 3140 - Birthright - Blood Spawn: Creatures of Light and Shadow (2000)
This bestiary was planned for use with the Birthright campaign setting for the second edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. The Birthright product line was suspended in 1998 before its completion, so Blood Spawn was later published as an 83-page pdf-file and made freely available here. The supplement focuses mainly on monsters of the Shadow World, the fictional dark twin dimension of the setting's world. It contains a page with a table of content, a 10-page introduction with explanation of the monster statistics and special rules for the Shadow World, a part with the descriptions of the fictional monsters that also includes tips for their us in a roleplaying campaign, two roleplaying adventures and a 4-page appendix that lists monsters from other sources fitting into the Shadow World.
Creature Page Other appearances Variants Description
Blood Hound 13-15
Changeling 16-18 Farie, Adult human and Child human changeling
Cwn Annwn 19-20
The Dispossessed 21-22
Faerie, Seelie 23-28 Seelie Faerie, Faerie Queen, Deceiver, Innocent, Helper, Protector and Trickster
Faerie, Unseelie 29-31 Dark Queen, Living Evil Faerie and Undead Faerie
Halfling, Shadow World 32-35 Domain Lord, Slave, and Freedom Fighter
Minion of the Lost 36-38 Halfling Spawn, Masetian Spawn and Orog Spawn
Seemer 39-40
Seeming Walker 41-42
Shade 43-46
Shadow Steed 47-48
Shadow Warrior 49-51
The Sluagh 52-53
Spectral Awnshegh 54-55
Waff 56-58
Wild Hunt 59-60
Will O'Shadow 61-63

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