Al-mi'raj (Dungeons & Dragons) - TSR 2635 - Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (1998)

Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (1998)

TSR 2635 - Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (1998) – ISBN 0-7869-0751-7
The third appendix to the Monstrous Compendium series designed for use with the Planescape campaign setting for the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons focuses mainly on inhabitants of the inner planes in the game. The 128-page soft-bound book contains a two-page "How to use this book" section, ten pages about the fictional principles governing those planes and their ecology, a 3-page appendix about animal-like creatures there, a 3-page index with all second edition monsters suitable for the Planescape setting, with the remainder consisting of the descriptions of the fictional monsters.
Creature Page Other appearances Variants Description
Animental 14-15
Archomental (evil) 16-18 Imix, Ogremoch, Olhydra, Yan-C-Bin and Cryonax
Archomental (good) 20-21 Ben-Hadar, Chan, Sunnis and Zaaman Rul
Belker 22-23
Bzastra 24-25
Chososion 26-27
Darklight 28-29
Devete 30-31
Devourer 32-33
Dharum suhn 34-35
Egarus 36-37
Entrope 38-39
Facet 40-41
Fire bat 42-43
Frost salamander 44-45 Monstrous Compendium - Mystara Appendix (1994)
Fundamental 46-47 D&D Expert Module X8 Drums on Fire Mountain, Creature Catalogue, Monstrous Compendium - Mystara Appendix (1994)
Gamorm 48-49
Homunculous, elemental 50-51 Breather and Skin
Immoth 52-53
Khargra 54-55 Monstrous Compendium - Fiend Folio Appendix (1992)
Klyndes 56-57
Magran 58-59
Menglis 60-61
Nathri 62-63
Ooze sprite 64-65
Opposition 66-67
Paraelemental 68-71 Ice, Magma, Ooze and Smoke
Phirblas 72-73
Quill 74-75
Primal 74-75
Psurlon 76-77 Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Terrors Beyond Tyr (1995) Normal, Adept and Giant
Quasielemental, negative 78-81 Ash, Dust, Salt and Vacuum
Quasielemental, positive 82-85 Lightning, Mineral, Radiance and Steam
Rast 86-87
Ravid 88-89
Ruvkova 90-91 Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium Appendix II: Terrors Beyond Tyr (1995)
Salamander noble 92-93 Lesser and Noble
Scile 94-95 Scile and Ravager of Colour
Shad 96-97
Shocker 98-99 Monstrous Compendium - Fiend Folio Appendix (1992) Contended One and Sojourner
Sislan 100-101
Suisseen 102-103
Terithran 104-105 Monstrous Compendium - Fiend Folio Appendix (1992)
Thoqqua 106-107
Trilloch 108-109
Tsnng 110-111
Ungulosin 112-113
Vacuous 114-115
Wavefire 116-117
Xag-ya/xeg-yi 118-119
Xill 120-121 Monstrous Compendium - Fiend Folio Appendix (1992)

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