AKRA may refer to:

  • Akra Township, Pembina County, North Dakota
  • Acra (fortress), in Jerusalem during the Hellenistic period
  • Aqrah, city of Iraq
  • Acre, Israel, in the northern part of the country
  • Akra is the name of an archaeological site south of Peshawar in Pakistan
  • Aqra (Chaldean Diocese), diocese of the Chaldean Catholic Church

Other articles related to "akra":

... After one battle he was made prisoner and bound before the throne of Śakra, ruler of Trāyastriṃśa, whom he treated with bitter verbal abuse ... Śakra bore his insults patiently, and argued that such patience was a sign of strength, not of weakness ... (Vepacitti-sutta, SN.xi.4) On another occasion, Vemacitrin and Śakra had a contest of verses, before a joint company of devas and asuras ...
Akra Township, Pembina County, North Dakota - History
... Akra Township was organized in 1882, and was known as one of the "Icelandic Townships," due to its large population of Icelanders who had settled here ... Akra takes its name from Akranes, Iceland, a town near Reykjavík ... Akra Township was a "double township," spanning two full survey townships ...
Abraham Ibn Akra
... Abraham ibn Akra or Abraham ben Solomon Akra was a Jewish-Italian scholar and editor of scientific works who lived at the end of the 16th century ... Akra is the author of a methodological treatise on the Midrash Rabbot, which Isaiah Horowitz (של"ה) embodied in his work Shene Luḥot ha-Berit (ed ... The same thing occurs in the Vilna edition of the Midrash Rabbot, where Akra's treatise is reproduced from the Shene Luḥot ha-Berit ...
Asura (Buddhism) - Myths of The Asuras
... When Śakra became the ruler of that world, the Asuras celebrated by drinking a lot of Gandapāna wine, a liquor so strong that Śakra forbade the ... Weakened by their drunkenness, the Asuras could not resist when Śakra had the whole lot of them thrown over the edge of Trāyastriṃśa into what would become the Asura-world at the base of Sumeru ... Śakra set out to meet them, but was forced to retreat because of their numbers ...