Akilam Six - Devas To Take Birth in Bhoo Loga

Devas To Take Birth in Bhoo Loga

He accepted to take birth and before that he asked Sivan to assemble all Devas who told to Sivan earlier that Thirumal was in a divine sleep in the Boo Loga. As per the command Sivan assembled all of them there. Thirumal asked them, "You all have lied to Sivan that I was dead over there. Since you told such a great lie, now Kaliyan was created and along with him the evil arrived and see the sufferings due to that. On what ground you all told that?" Devas stood without answering with bowed-heads. Being aware of the mind of Devas, Thirumal told them that since they have made the circumstance to be worse, they all should take birth in the Kali Yuga. Devas had nothing but to agree to that order.

Then Thirumal, holding the power of Trimurthis within himself told devas, "For creating you all in the Bhoo Loga, I've already given birth to seven devas from seven logas in the world as Santror in Ayothya Amirtha Vanam. And they have spread by generations over there. You all have to take birth in their community." By hearing this, the Devas told Thirumal, "When we are taking birth in the Kaliyuga which is enclosed by the evil of Kali, thyself should protect us from the evil." Thirumal told that, "I can't do so. Once you take birth in Kaliyuga the evil shall also influence you. But I shall come over there and forgive all your sins which are committed by the influence of Kali." Hearing this, the devas accepted to take birth in Kali yuga.

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