Akechi Hidemitsu - Service To Mitsuhide and Death

Service To Mitsuhide and Death

Following his marriage to Akechi Mitsuhide's daughter (who had been formerly married to Araki Murashige), Hidemitsu was deeply trusted by his master, and served in the vanguard of the Akechi armies frequently. He led the attack on Battle of Honnō-ji which killed Oda Nobunaga, and became a legend for his rapid crossing of Lake Biwa to get from Otsu to Sakamoto on horseback after the loss of Battle of Yamazaki and the death of Mitsuhide. His men set fire to Sakamoto Castle and killed their families and themselves to follow their master to the grave.

While much of the Akechi clan was destroyed at Sakamoto Castle, Hidemitsu's sons Miyake Shigetoshi and Tōyama Tarōgorō survived. Shigetoshi served Terasawa Katataka at the Shimabara Uprising and was killed by the rebel forces under Amakusa Shirō, while Tarōgorō is remembered as the ancestor of the famous nineteenth-century political activist Sakamoto Ryōma.

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