Akane Kiryu - Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly - Ghosts


  • Sae Kurosawa (黑澤 紗重, Kurosawa Sae?)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Kim Mai Guest, Patricia Gannon (English)
Sae was the younger twin sister of Yae, though she was born first. She was less determined to escape from the ritual than her sister Yae, and was content with them being together. They were separated during their escape attempt, in an accident eerily similar to the time Mayu injured her leg. Sae was brought back to the village and hanged in the ritual. Her feelings of having been abandoned by her sister caused the Repentance. Her spirit, overcome by the Darkness spread by the Repentance, and those of the Kusabi, returned from the Hellish Abyss to slaughter the villagers. Sae becomes a secret final boss in the Nightmare Mode (Fatal Mode in the Xbox version) playthrough.
Voiced by: Sōichirō Hoshi (Japanese), Sam Paul Salleta, Cameron Stewart (English)
Itsuki is the older twin brother of Mutsuki, though he was born second. He wanted to escape from the ritual, but his brother Mutsuki was too sickly for the attempt, so they performed the ritual hoping their success would spare the Kurosawa twins from the same fate. The ritual, however failed, and Itsuki tried to help the Kurosawa twins escape, he was captured by the villagers and was imprisoned in the Tsuchihara Storehouse (which was used as the village's prison) for doing so. He then hanged himself after Sae was recaptured, in hopes of meeting her, Yae, and Mutsuki in the next life.
  • Mutsuki Tachibana (立花 睦月, Tachibana Mutsuki?)
Voiced by: Cameron Stewart
The younger of the Tachibana twins, and Chitose's older brother. He was strangled by his twin in the Crimson Sacrifice ritual, but it failed nonetheless. He is referred to by several diary entries written by Chitose and Itsuki.
  • Ryokan Kurosawa (黒澤 良寛, Kurosawa Ryōkan?)
Voiced by: Nigel Carrington
The ceremony master of the village, and father of Yae and Sae. He was himself a Remaining twin from a ritual, and though he was miserable that his daughters were being forced through the same, he was still determined to use them to save the village. He was killed in the Repentance.
  • Chitose Tachibana (立花 千歳, Tachibana Chitose?)
Voiced by: Chizu Yonemoto (Japanese), Kim Mai Guest, Julie-Ann Dean (English)
Younger sister of Itsuki and Mutsuki. She was a shy child with poor vision, and often hid when there were strangers in the house. She was deeply attached to her brothers, and while she never knew what happened to Mutsuki, she blamed Yae for running away and getting Itsuki locked up. When the Repentance came, she hid in a closet, hoping Itsuki would find her. There, she witnessed the souls of Sae and the Kusabi killing several of those in her home. Unable to leave the closet, she died shortly thereafter.
  • Seijiro Makabe (真壁 清次郎, Makabe Seijirō?)
Voiced by: Nigel Carrigton
A traveling folklorist who visited the village just before its disappearance. He was initially welcomed by the villagers, but this was merely a ruse, as they wanted to use him as a human sacrifice called a Kusabi. He was captured and tortured, and finally thrown alive into the Abyss. He returned during the Repentance, his soul having been take over by the Darkness, and began killing the villagers with Sae. Up until the last chapter of the game, he cannot be defeated using the Camera Obscura.
  • Akane Kiryu (桐生 茜, Kiryū Akane?)
Voiced by: Cameron Stewart
Akane strangled her sister Azami (薊?) for the Crimson Butterfly Ritual, but the ritual left her depressed and guilty. To comfort her, her father made her a doll in Azami's image, and they became inseparable. The doll was possessed by an evil spirit, who brainwashed Akane into killing her father when he realized that the doll was evil, and tried to destroy it. Some time after this, the doll sucked out Akane's soul, killing her.
  • Yoshitatsu Kiryu (桐生 善達, Kiryū Yoshitatsu?)
Voiced by: Tom Shepherd
A doll-maker, and father to Akane and Azami. He made a doll in Azami's image to comfort his remaining daughter Akane. When he learned the doll had become possessed, he tried to destroy it, but was killed by Akane, who was controlled by an evil spirit within the doll.
  • Masumi Makimura (槙村 真澄, Makimura Masumi?)
Voiced by: Charlie Hayes
A land surveyor sent to investigate the area to be submerged due to the dam construction. He wandered into the village where he was trapped, and was soon joined by his girlfriend Miyako Sudo, who came looking for him. He was killed by the ghost of the Kusabi whilst trying to find a way out of the village.
  • Miyako Sudou (須堂 美也子, Sudō Miyako?)
Voiced by: Leigh-Allyn Baker
Girlfriend of Masumi Makimura. Her ghost is the first encountered in the game. After Masumi's disappearance, Miyako went looking for him, only to become trapped in the village with him. She was strangled to death by Masumi's ghost after he had been killed trying to find a way out.

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