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Fifth Generation

On June 21, 2011, Apple unveiled an updated AirPort Extreme base station, referred to as AirPort Extreme 802.11n (5th Generation).

The detailed table of output power comparison between the previous model MC340LL/A and the current model MD031LL/A can be seen below:

Frequency range (MHz) Mode AirPort Extreme model Output power (dBm) Output power (mW) Comparison (percents) Difference (percents)
2412–2462 802.11b Previous 24.57 286.42 100 -10.3
Current 24.10 257.04 89.7
802.11g Previous 21.56 143.22 100 +114.8
Current 24.88 307.61 214.8
802.11n HT20 Previous 21.17 130.92 100 +96.8
Current 24.11 257.63 196.8
5745–5825 802.11a Previous 23.07 202.77 100 +61.1
Current 25.14 326.59 161.1
5745–5805 802.11n HT20 Previous 22.17 164.82 100 +104.6
Current 25.28 337.29 204.6
5755–5795 802.11n HT40 Previous 21.44 139.32 100 +181.8
Current 25.94 392.64 281.8

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