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75th Ranger Regiment (United States) - Vietnam War
... Light Infantry Brigade in January 1967, and 1st Air Cavalry Division in November 1966 ... patrol companies for I and II Field Forces ... (Airborne) was activated on 25 September 1967 and assigned to I Field Force and stationed at Phan Rang ...
Yom Kippur War - Combat Operations - In The Sinai - Israeli Forces Across The Suez
... and 25th failed to coordinate their attacks, allowing General Adan's Division to meet each force individually ... The Egyptian Air Force launched repeated raids, some with up to twenty aircraft, to take out the bridge and rafts, damaging the bridge ... was repaired, but only a trickle of Israeli forces crossed ...
January 1 - Events
417 – Emperor Honorius forces Galla Placidia into marriage to Constantius, his famous general (magister militum) ... abandon Yaoundé and their Kamerun colony to British forces and begin the long march to Spanish Guinea ... Luftwaffe launches Operation Bodenplatte, a massive, but failed attempt to knock out Allied air power in northern Europe in a single blow ...
Continental Air Command - History - Components
... Agencies Air Defense Command, 1 December 1948 - 1 July 1950 Tactical Air Command, 1 December 1948 - 1 December 1950 Air Forces First Air Force, 1 December 1948-23 June 1958 Fourth ... Third Air Force Reserve Region 1 September 1960-1 August 1968 (Dobbins AFB, GA) Responsible for the training of all Air Force Reservists in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, and North and ... Fourth Air Force Reserve Region 1 September 1960-1 August 1968 (Randolph AFB, TX) Responsible for the training of all Air Force Reservists in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma ...
Timeline Of The History Of Gibraltar - British Rule - Second World War and After
... was a key part of the Allied supply lines to Malta and North Africa and base of the British Navy Force H, and prior to the war the racecourse on the isthmus was converted into an airbase ... French bombers, based in French Morocco, carried out a retaliatory air raid over Gibraltar as a reprisal for the destruction of the French fleet at. 7 ... March – The Special Air Service of the British Army shot dead three unarmed members of the Provisional IRA walking towards the frontier, claiming they were making "suspicious movements" (Operation Flavius) ...

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