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Palestinian Musicians - Mandate Period and After
... Haj Academia Professor, Anthropologist USA 1962 Rosemarie Said Zahlan Academia historian Egypt 1937 Anis Sayigh Academia historian Tiberias 1931 Yezid Sayigh Academia historian USA ... head of Fatah Jinsafut 1931 Salah Khalaf Politics (Fatah) former top aide of Arafat Jaffa 1933 Ahmed Qurei Politics (Fatah) former Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Jerusalem 1937 Ali ...
Egyptian Films Of The 1960s - 1960s
... Lan Aataref (I Will Not Confess) Kamal El Sheikh Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazhar, Ahmed Ramzy Crime El morahekat (Teenagers) Ahmed Diaa Eddine Magda, Rushdy Abaza Romantic ... Al Nasser Salah Ad-Din (Saladin the Victorious) Youssef Chahine Ahmed Mazhar, Hamdy Gheith, Layla Fawzi, Nadia Lutfi, Salah Zulfikar Historical Entered into the ... Last Night) Kamal El Sheikh Faten Hamama, Ahmed Mazhar Mystery Entered into the 1964 Cannes Film Festival 1965 Al Haram (The Sin) Henry Barakat Faten Hamama, Zaki ...
List Of Military Commanders - Modern Era - World War II and Later
... Yugoslav People's Army Battle of Vukovar 1991–2003 Saddam Hussein Ba'ath Party War on Terror Iraq War 2003 invasion of Iraq Iraq Gulf War Battle of Khafji ... of Nablus Zakaria Zubeidi al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades Battle of Jenin 2003 Ahmed Chalabi Iraqi National Congress War on Terror Iraq War 2003 invasion of Iraq Ali Hassan al-Majid Iraq Battle of ... Barzani Kurdistan Democratic Party Qusay Hussein Fedayeen Saddam Uday Hussein 2003–2004 Richard F ...
Charles Debbas
... Khaled Chehab Abdallah El-Yafi Abdullah Bayhum* Alfred Naqqache Ahmed Daouk Sami as-Solh Ayoub Tabet Petro Trad Post-Independence Riad Al Solh Abdul Hamid Karami Sami as-Solh Saadi Al Munla Riad Al ...
List Of Champions Of The African Athletics Championships - Women - Hammer Throw
2000 Caroline Fournier Mauritius 2002 Marwa Ahmed Hussein Egypt 2004 Marwa Ahmed Hussein Egypt 2006 Marwa Ahmed Hussein Egypt 2008 Marwa Ahmed Hussein Egypt 2010 Amy Sène Senegal 2012 Amy Sène ...

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    New York, you are an Egypt! But an Egypt turned inside out. For she erected pyramids of slavery to death, and you erect pyramids of democracy with the vertical organ-pipes of your skyscrapers all meeting at the point of infinity of liberty!
    Salvador Dali (1904–1989)

    I saw the Arab map.
    It resembled a mare shuffling on,
    dragging its history like saddlebags,
    nearing its tomb and the pitch of hell.
    Adonis [Ali Ahmed Said] (b. 1930)

    There’s no telling what might have happened to our defense budget if Saddam Hussein hadn’t invaded Kuwait that August and set everyone gearing up for World War II½. Can we count on Saddam Hussein to come along every year and resolve our defense-policy debates? Given the history of the Middle East, it’s possible.
    —P.J. (Patrick Jake)