Against The Modern World

Against the Modern World was the first release credited to the English industrial and Pagan neoclassical group Sol Invictus.

Against The Modern World was a mini vinyl LP rooted in traditional European folk music and modern Industrial. It featured distorted electric guitars, acoustic guitar, and a pronounced, driving rhythm section. Bassist Gary Smith left after this release but continued playing with the openly Nazi band No Remorse. Liz Grey also left after this release.

Tony Wakeford's lyrics for this release are typically misanthropic and focused upon Pagan imagery and thematic constructs. They champion Nature while belittling the state of mankind. A strong Social Darwinist perspective informs many of the songs, as does an equally strong anti-Christian view of the Modern world. The title is probably a reference to Julius Evola's 1934 book Revolt Against the Modern World, which expressed some similar ideas.

Against the Modern World is available on compact disc as part of the CD release Sol Veritas Lux, which combines the first two Sol Invictus mini-LP releases into one CD.

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