Affraic (modern Irish Aifric) is an Irish language female given name.

Affraic is attested as a name borne by women of Gaelic background, between the 8th and 15th centuries. It continues to be used in present-day Ireland.

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John De Courcy - Early Career in Ireland
... He married Affreca, daughter of Godred II Olafsson, King of Mann ... De Courcy and Affreca had no children ... His wife, Affreca, founded the Cistercian monastery of Grey, Co ...
Greyabbey - History
... It was founded by Affreca, daughter of Godred Olafsson, King of the Isles, and wife of John de Courcy, Anglo-Norman conqueror of the province of Ulster ... Tradition says that Affreca founded the abbey in thanksgiving for a safe landing after a perilous journey at sea ... Tradition relates that this is Affreca, who was buried in the abbey, but the style suggests that the effigy actually originated in the fourteenth ...
Godred II Olafsson - John De Courcy, Affreca, and The Norman Invasion of Ireland
... dynasty by marrying Godred's daughter, Affreca ... the justiciar was ordered to provide lands for de Courcy's wife, Affreca, and seven years later the justiciar was further ordered to secure Affreca's dower-lands ... Affreca herself founded Grey Abbey in 1193, and made it a Cistercian daughter-house of Holm Cultram Abbey ...