Adrian Waller - Working in Japan

Working in Japan

In October 1989, Adrian Waller visited Japan and was offered a position with the Japan Times Weekly. Part of Waller's job was to write a column called Being Here, and a collection of these pieces was published by Yohan Publications of Tokyo, as a book. Another book by Waller, Portraits of Japan, followed.

In 1993 he quit The Japan Times to complete his PhD studiesand later became a contracted English teacher at Bunkyo University in Chigasaki and Nihon University in Mishima, Shizuoka, and a lecturer in written and spoken English at Nihon University's College of Law in Tokyo. For three years he worked shifts as a news editor at NHK-TV.

Adrian Waller left Japan in 1998 on feeling exhausted and unwell. Back in Canada he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He recovered under the care of the Japan-born urologist Dr.Yosh Taguchi who performed surgery on him at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. During this treatment, Waller and Taguchi became friends and Waller helped Taguchi write a book called The Prostate, Everything You Need To Know About The Man Gland (ISBN 1-55209-553-3), which, published in Toronto, subsequently went into five updated editions around the world. It was translated into seven languages.

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