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Published Books

  • Theatre on a Shoestring (Clarke-Irwin, Toronto, New York, and London), 1st edition 1972; 2nd edition ( Littlefield-Adams, New York) 1973. A well-known book on how to stage a theatrical production on a low budget. ISBN 0-7720-0557-5
  • Adrian Waller's Guide to Music (Clarke-Irwin, Toronto, New York, and London), 1st edition 1973; 2nd edition (Littlefield Adams, New York), 1975. A book about the history of music, and how to enjoy it. ISBN 0-7720-0590-7
  • Data for a Candlelit Dinner (Clarke-Irwin, Toronto, New York, and London), 1973. A sociological, novelized documentary about the loneliness of big-city life in the West. ISBN 0-7720-0616-4
  • The Gamblers (Clarke-Irwin, Toronto, New York, and London), 1975. A novelized documentary on the psychology of gambling, which follows the lives of six habitual gamblers. ISBN 0-7720-0733-0
  • Soulikias: Portrait of an Artist (Marcel Bourquet Inc., Montreal and Paris), 1983. A profile — written in both English and French — of the Greek-Canadian painter Paul Soulikias, and how he became world-famous. ISBN 2-89000-060-5
  • Writing!, An informal, anecdotal guide to the secrets of crafting and selling non-fiction (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, New York, Melbourne, London), 1987. An autobiographical account of the author's work with Time magazine and Reader's Digest — and the secrets of success as a magazine writer. ISBN 0-7710-8794-2
  • The Canadian Writer's Market, Eighth Revised Edition (McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, New York, Melbourne, London), 1988. Revised edition of book aimed at helping Canadian writers get their work published, and where. ISBN 0-7710-8798-5 (Waller also edited revisions to several later editions)
  • No Ordinary Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton's first seventy-five years (Véhicule Press, Montreal), 1988. A historical, anecdote-filled history of what was one of the world's finest hotels. ISBN 0-919890-86-5
  • Being Here, a Western journalist's view of Japan, A collection of Japan Times Weekly columns (Yohan Publications, Tokyo, and Weatherhill Inc., New York City) 1992. Sixty of the author's Japan-related columns, and some larger articles, that were published in 1990 and 1991. ISBN 4-89684-223-5
  • Portraits of Japan (Yohan Publications, Tokyo, and Weatherhill Inc., New York City) 1992. A collection of columns and anecdotal essays that depict life in Japan through the eyes of a Westerner. ISBN 4-89684-230-8

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