Additive Number Theory

In number theory, the specialty additive number theory studies subsets of integers and their behavior under addition. More abstractly, the field of "additive number theory" includes the study of Abelian groups and commutative semigroups with an operation of addition. Additive number theory has close ties to combinatorial number theory and the geometry of numbers. Two principal objects of study are the sumset of two subsets A and B of elements from an Abelian group G,


and the h-fold sumset of A,

There are two main subdivisions listed below.

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... A more recent name sometimes associated to this sub-division is additive combinatorics.) Unlike problems related to classical bases, as described above, this ... the spectrum of mathematics, including combinatorics, ergodic theory, analysis, graph theory, group theory, and linear algebraic and polynomial methods ...
Problems and Results in Analytic Number Theory - Additive Number Theory
... One of the most important problems in additive number theory is Waring's problem, which asks whether it is possible, for any k ≥ 2, to write any positive integer as the sum of a bounded number of kth powers, The ... explicit upper bounds for the function G(k), the smallest number of kth powers needed, such as Vinogradov's bound ...

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