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Jessica Cirio - Fame - 2011-Present: Excitante & Noche De Astros
... In October 2011 Jésica Cirio is confirmed by Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti to star with Adabel Guerrero, Alejandra Maglietti, Estefanía Baca and Virginia Dobrich, the play called "Excitante" was being ... the co-lead vedette after supervedette Adabel Guerrero ... The show was formed by Adabel Guerrero, Jésica Cirio, Estefanía Bacca, Alejandra Maglietti, Cinthia Fernández Virginia Dobrich as well as Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Nito Artaza also Marcos “Bicho” Góme ...