Active Region

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Quantum Cascade Laser - Operating Principles - Active Region Designs
... The figure shows the wave functions in a three quantum well (3QW) QCL active region and injector ... localised in the left-hand well of the 3QW active region, while the lower laser level wave function is made to mostly reside in the central and right-hand wells ...
Digital Visual Interface - Specifications - Digital - Digital Data Encoding
... video, there are two differentiate regions active region, where pixel data is sent, and control region, where synchronization signals are sent ... Active region is encoded using Transition Minimized Differential Signaling scheme, where the control region is encoded with a fixed 2b/10b encoding. 10 bit symbols, a receiver can fully differentiate between active and control regions ...
Laser Diode Rate Equations - Spectral Shift
... occurs as a result of the change in refractive index in the active region during intensity modulation ... by determining the refractive index change of the active region as a result of carrier injection ... found that the refractive index of the active region varies proportionally to carrier density and hence the wavelength varies proportionally to injected current ...

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