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Accomplishments To Date

A.R.R.F. has participated in annual EPA auctions of emissions allowances every year since 1995, and in 2011 owns the right to emit 211 tons of sulfur dioxide per year, plus whatever amount it has not emitted in previous years. That amount will increase by another 100 tons in 2018, when allowances A.R.R.F. purchased in the 7-year advance auction of 2011 are eligible for use. Because A.R.R.F. did not exercise its right to emit any pollution during 1996-2011, “banking” its emissions allowances for the future, A.R.R.F. in 2011 holds the legal right to emit a total of 1,120 tons (2,240,000 pounds) of sulfur dioxide in 2011.

According to A.R.R.F., EPA auction results 1993-2011 indicate groups or individuals who purchased emissions allowances for purposes other than releasing air pollution own the right to emit 1,321 tons per year of sulfur dioxide. Although most have purchased only one or a few tons, this adds up to considerably more than the 760 tons/year allocated by law to the Miami Fort #5 generating unit in Ohio.

Since many purchases were made in earlier years, and unused allowances have accumulated, these groups now own the right to emit 16,547 tons of sulfur dioxide in 2011. That’s more than the annual allocation of allowances to 132 of the 250 dirtiest generating units in the United States (some are allowed to emit almost 95,000 tons/year).

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