Acid Dye

An acid dye is a dye, chemically a sodium (less often–ammonium) salt of a sulfuric, carboxylic or phenol organic acid. Acid dye is soluble in water and possesses affinity for amphoteric fibers while lacking direct dyes' affinity for cellulose fibers. When dyeing, ionic bonding with fiber cationic sites accounts for fixation of colored anions in the dyed material. Acids are added to dyeing baths to increase the number of protonated amino-groups in fibers.

Some acid dyes are used as food colorants.

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... Any dyes including acid dyes have the ability to induce sensitization in humans due to their complex molecular structure and the way in which they are ... Some acid dyes are used to color food ... We wear fabrics every day exposing our skin to dyes ...

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