The Aciculidae are a family of minute land snails which have opercula. (An operculum is a little door that closes the shell when the animal retracts into it.) In other words, Aciculidae are terrestrial operculate gastropods. Even though Aciculidae are land snails, they live in rather wet conditions, among mosses and dead leaves and they have sometimes been described as "winkles come ashore".

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Aciculidae - Genera
... Genera within the family Aciculidae include Abchasohela Hudec Lezhawa, 1971 Acicula W ... Hartmann, 1821 - the needle snail, type genus Caziotia Pollonera, 1905 Hyalacme Hesse, 1917 Kainarella Starobogatov, 1972 Menkia Boeters, E ...