Achondrite - Classification - Asteroidal Achondrites

Asteroidal Achondrites

Asteroidal achondrites, also called evolved achondrites, are called in this way because have been differentiated on a parent body. This means that their mineralogical and chemical composition was changed by melting and crytallization processes. They are divided several groups:

  • HED meteorites (Vesta). They originated most probably on the asteroid 4 Vesta, because their reflection spectra are very similar. They are named after the initial letters of the three subgroups:
    • Howardites
    • Eucrites
    • Diogenites
  • Angrites
  • Aubrites
  • Ureilites (after the meteorite Novy Ureii, Russia)
  • Brachinites (after the meteorite Brachina)

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