Abuna Basilios

Abuna Basilios (April 23, 1891 – October 13, 1970) was the first Ethiopian born Archbishop or Abuna, and later the first Patriarch, of the Ethiopian Church.

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Abuna Basilios - Early Life - Reign As Patriarch
... Abune Basilios was regarded as a conservative and traditionalist figure within the church, in contrast to his eventual successor Abuna Theophilos who was then Archbishop of Harar and regarded as a modernist and a ... Patriarch Abune Basilios regarded all innovation with deep suspicion ... Abune Basilios was a deeply pious man, greatly focused on prayer and fasting, and as such left more and more of his duties to Abuna Theophilos who acted as his deputy ...
Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church Of North And South America - History
... the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Emperor Haile Selassie I, commissioned Abuna Mikael Gabre Kristos to establish a diocese of the Ethiopian Church in the Americas ... In the capital city of Addis Ababa, Abuna Mikael was ordained the Episcopacy by Abuna Basilios, Abuna Markos Patriarch of Gojjam, and Petros, Metropolitan of Gondar, on ... separate organization in the west, Haile Selassie gave Abuna Mikael the freedom to do so ...
Abuna Basilios - Early Life - Final Years
... Abuna Basilios began to spend an increasing amount of time at the Debre Libanos monastery after his health began to fail in the early 1960s ... He left more and more of his duties to Abuna Theophilos, and spent more time resting and praying at the monastery, rarely making an appearance at the ... in Addis Ababa in 1968, and deputized Abuna Theophilos to represent him in most of its sessions ...