Absorbing Element

In mathematics, an absorbing element is a special type of element of a set with respect to a binary operation on that set. The result of combining an absorbing element with any element of the set is the absorbing element itself. In semigroup theory, the absorbing element is called a zero element because there is no risk of confusion with other notions of zero. In this article the two notions are synonymous. An absorbing element may also be called an annihilating element.

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Absorbing Element - Examples
... The most well known example of an absorbing element in algebra is multiplication, where any number multiplied by zero equals zero ... Zero is thus an absorbing element ... It is absorbing element for every operation, ie ...
List Of Zero Terms - Absorbing Elements
... An absorbing element in a multiplicative semigroup or semiring generalises the property 0 × x = 0 ... Examples include The empty set, which is an absorbing element under Cartesian product of sets, since {} × S = {} The zero function or zero map, defined by z(x) = 0, under ... Many absorbing elements are also additive identities, including the empty set and the zero function ...

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