ABMA is an acronym for:

  • All Burma Monks' Alliance
  • American Bearing Manufacturers Association
  • Army Ballistic Missile Agency

Other articles related to "abma":

Silverstein Committee - Background
... for a heavy space launcher, the Army team at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) under the direction of a team led by Wernher von Braun studied a ... as it consisted of technology developed at ABMA, while the Atlas and Titan were Air Force designs suffering from extended development problems ... Like the Air Force team, ABMA also outlined their vision of a manned lunar mission as Project Horizon, using fifteen of these rockets to build a large vehicle in ...
Saturn I - History - Near-cancellation
... In April 1959 the first H-1 engines started arriving at ABMA, and test firings started in May ... As ABMA commander John B ... continue short-term funding, but only if NASA agreed to take over the ABMA team and continue development without the help of the DoD ...
Saturn (rocket Family) - History - ARPA Selects Juno
... At the same time that ABMA was drawing up the Super-Juno proposal, the Air Force was in the midst of working on their Titan C concept ... ABMA responded with a new design, the Juno V (as a continuation of the Juno I and Juno II series of rockets, while Juno III and IV were unbuilt Atlas- and Titan-derived concepts), which replaced the four E-1 ... on 15 August 1958 ARPA issued Order Number 14-59 that called on ABMA to Initiate a development program to provide a large space vehicle booster of approximately 500. 000 ...
Redstone (rocket Family) - Juno I
... have put a satellite into orbit before the Soviet Union had the ABMA been allowed to attempt a satellite launch in August 1956, the Eisenhower administration wanted the first U.S ... rocket was being developed for this purpose, so the administration ordered ABMA's research director, Wernher von Braun, not to attempt any satellite launches ... The administration then turned to the Army, and the ABMA and von Braun were asked to launch a backup satellite as soon as possible ...