9 Lives (Kat De Luna Album) - Track Listing - Konvict Musik Edition

Konvict Musik Edition

No. Title Length
1. "9 Lives" (Intro) 1:08
2. "Run The Show" (featuring Busta Rhymes) 3:31
3. "Am I Dreaming" (featuring Akon) 3:58
4. "Feel What I Feel" 4:04
5. "Whine Up" (featuring Elephant Man) 3:25
6. "Love Me, Leave Me" 4:11
7. "In The End" 3:23
8. "Love Confusion" 4:02
9. "Animal" 3:23
10. "You Are Only Mine" 3:30
11. "Enjoy Saying Goodbye" 4:05
Bonus Tracks
No. Title Length
12. "Whine Up" (En Español; featuring Elephant Man) 3:25
13. "Run the Show" (En Español; featuring Don Omar) 3:33
14. "Como un Sueño" (En Español; Am I Dreaming) 3:59
15. "Cut Off Time" (Japan only; featuring Omarion) 3:25
Exclusive Limited Edition DVD (Japan only)
No. Title Length
1. "Run The Show" (featuring Busta Rhymes)
2. "Whine Up" (featuring Elephant Man)

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