32nd Kisei

The 32nd Kisei is being held from January 2007 to 2008. The following players earned spots through not being eliminated in the group stage: Naoki Hane (4-1), Cho U (4-1), Satoru Kobayashi (4-1), Atsushi Kato (4-1), O Rissei (3-2) Hideki Komatsu (2-3), Norimoto Yoda (2-3), and Imamura Toshiya (2-3). Mimura Tomoyasu, Kunihisa Honda, Satoshi Yuki, and Cho Chikun were eliminated from group play and had to earn a spot through preliminary stages. The players who qualify through preliminary tournaments are Cho Chikun, Hiroshi Yamashiro, Shinji Takao, and Yuta Iyama. Players who end with the two lowest records in the each league are eliminated from automatic berth into the next tournament while the 3 other players who were not eliminated or had the top record are given a place in the following years groups.

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32nd Kisei - Finals
5 (-) 6 (-) 7 (-) T Keigo Yamashita (Kisei) W+R W+R W+R W+R 4 Cho Chikun (Challenger) W+R W+3.5 W+4.5 3 Key W+ - Won by R - Resignation Kisei Past editions 1983. 1984 ...