1998 Pittsburgh Steelers Season - Regular Season - Game Summaries - Week 14 (Sunday December 6, 1998): Vs. New England Patriots

Week 14 (Sunday December 6, 1998): Vs. New England Patriots

1 2 3 4 Total
Patriots 3 10 0 10 23
Steelers 6 3 0 0 9

at Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Game time: 1:00 pm EST
  • Game weather: 68 °F (Partly Sunny)
  • Game attendance: 58,632
  • Referee: Dick Hantak
  • TV announcers: (CBS) Verne Lundquist (play by play), Randy Cross (color commentator)

Scoring Drives:

  • New England – FG Vinatieri 21
  • New England – FG Vinatieri 29
  • Pittsburgh – FG N. Johnson 49
  • New England – Glenn 86 pass from Bledsoe (Vinatieri kick)
  • Pittsburgh – FG N. Johnson 26
  • Pittsburgh – FG N. Johnson 43
  • New England – FG Vinatieri 35
  • New England – Edwards 4 run (Vinatieri kick)

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