1997 Rebellion in Albania

Part of the
1997 rebellion in Albania
Fighting groups
  • Forum for Democracy
  • Committee of Public Salvation
  • Government of National Reconciliation
  • Operation Alba
  • Volunteer Forces
Gangs of 1997
  • Gang of Çole
  • Gang of Gaxhai
  • Gang of Altin Dardha
  • Gang of Pusi i Mezinit
  • Gang of Cërrik
  • Gang of Lushnje
  • Gang of Tepelena
  • Gang of Haklaj Family
Massacres in 1997
  • Massacre of 28 February 1997
  • Massacre of Qafë-Gjashta
  • Massacre of Levan
  • Massacre of Cërrik
  • Massacre of Ura Vajgurore
Tragedies of 1997
  • Otranto Tragedy
  • Qafë Shtama Tragedy
Treasury thefts
  • Krraba Stealing
  • Nortgern State Stealing
Rescue missions
  • Operation Silver Wake
  • Operation Libelle
  • 6 March 1997
  • 9 March 1997
UN Resolutions
  • Resolution 1101
  • Resolution 1114
Important events
  • Opening of the depots
  • Desertion of 4 March 1997
  • Attack of 7-8 March 1997 on Gjirokastër
  • Visit of Romano Prodi
  • Albanian parliamentary election, 1997
  • Albanian monarchy referendum, 1997
See also
  • Pyramid schemes in Albania
  • Role of media in 1997
  • Literature on the events of 1997

The 1997 Unrest in Albania (Albanian: Rebelimi i vitit 1997), also known as the 1997 Albanian Anarchy, Pyramid crisis was an uprising sparked by Ponzi scheme failures. Albania descended into anarchy and violence in which the government was toppled and some 2,000 people were killed.

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1997 Rebellion In Albania - Aftermath
... In elections in June and July 1997, Berisha and his party were voted out of power, and the left coalition headed by the Socialist Party won ... All UN forces left Albania by 11 August ...

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