1997 NBA Finals - Quotes From The Finals

Quotes From The Finals

Just remember, The Mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays, Karl. —Scottie Pippen, to Karl Malone before he took two free throws near the end of Game 1. Malone missed both free throws with 9.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter, keeping the game tied at 82. Jordan's shot at the buzzer won the game for the Bulls. MJ, top of the circle, against Russell. Michael hangs, fires...SCORES!! The Bulls win!! He knocked it in at the buzzer, Bulls win! How many times has he done that? —Bulls announcer Neil Funk after Jordan's buzzer-beater gave Chicago an 84-82 win in Game 1 We're down to five, Jordan putting moves on Russell. We're down to two, down to one. Here's Jordan. YES! It is all over! The Chicago Bulls have won at the buzzer in Game 1 of the best-of-7, on a jump shot by Michael Jordan. —NBC commentator Marv Albert during the aforementioned game It’s difficult to get in sync with all of the fucking Mormons out here. —Dennis Rodman defending his poor performance in Game 3. Rodman was later fined $50,000 for this remark. He apologized, claiming he wasn't insulting Mormons, but obnoxious Jazz fans. Stockton fires down to Malone...And the Jazz have taken a one-point lead! —Marv Albert on Stockton's key play in Game 4. Utah won 78-73 to tie the series at 2. Rebound Stockton, ahead to Karl Malone, he's got it, he scores!!! Stockton to Malone!! Jazz take the lead. —"Hot Rod" Hundley on the aforementioned play. A courageous, classic performance by the flu-ridden Michael Jordan. —Marv Albert after Michael's improbable performance in Game 5, which gave the Bulls a 3-2 series lead. It is Michael Jordan time. Scottie Pippen, looking, looking for Michael Jordan. Checks the clock, 5 on the 24, here's Jordan. Did not have the shot, Kerr did...YES!! Steve Kerr with 5 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter! The Jazz take a timeout. —Marv Albert on Steve Kerr hitting a jumper to give the Bulls the lead in Game 6. The Bulls won this game and their fifth NBA championship. Kerr, still with the dribble. Looking...dump to Pippen. Scottie, bumped by Shandon Anderson, hands it to Michael. Six seconds (on the shot clock)...five. Michael, in traffic, to Kerr. Fifteen-footer...YES!! He knocked it in! Kerr buried the jumper, five seconds left! The Bulls lead is two! Stevie Kerr knocked it in! He took the pass from Michael and stuffed the jumper! Wow! —Neil Funk on the aforementioned play. Five seconds remaining in regulation. The inbounds...batted away by Pippen! Pippen rolls it to Kukoc...and the Chicago Bulls have won their fifth championship in the last seven years! —Marv Albert calling the final seconds of Game 6

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