1995 Eastern Creek 12 Hour

The 1995 Eastern Creek 12 Hour was an endurance race for GT Production Cars. The event was staged at the Eastern Creek Raceway in New South Wales, Australia on 27 August 1995. The field was divided into the following six classes:

  • Class A : Small Cars - Up to 1850cc
  • Class B : Medium Cars - 1851 to 2600cc
  • Class S : Sports Cars - Up to 2000cc
  • Class T : Turbo and/or 4WD High Performance Cars
  • Class V : V8 Engines & High Performance 6 Cylinders
  • Class X : Extra High Performance Cars

This was the first and, to date, only 12 Hour race to be held at Eastern Creek Raceway.

Final results were as follows:

Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Class Laps
1 John Bowe
Dick Johnson
7 Mazda RX-7 SP Mazda Motorsport X 409
2 Peter Fitzgerald
Jim Richards
3 Porsche 911 RSCS Peter Fitzgerald X 409
3 Andrew Miedecke
Mark Noske
11 Porsche 911 RSCS Andrew Miedecke X 405
4 Garry Waldon
Mark Skaife
Allan Grice
9 Mazda RX-7 SP Mazda Motorsport X 404
5 Greg Crick
Jack Brabham
Ross Palmer
15 Honda NSX Ross Palmer Motorsport X 371
6 Greg Hurst
Liz Hurst
Andrew Leithhead
22 Subaru Impreza WRX Greg Hurst T 364
7 Harry Bargwanna
David Simpson
Chris Symonds
97 Nissan Pulsar SSS Larry King B 363
8 Darren Palmer
Mark Brame
40 Suzuki Swift GTi Mark Brame A 362
9 Murray Carter
Ed Lamont
Graham Gulson
45 Mazda 626 Murray Carter B 358
10 John Bourke
David Morton
20 Subaru Impreza WRX John Bourke T 357
11 John Cowley
Tony Longhurst
Wayne Park
19 Ford EF Falcon XR6 John Cowley V 356
12 Andrej Pavicevic
Adam Clarke
Bill Harris
43 Suzuki Swift GTi Bill Harris A 355
13 Colin Osborne
David Sala
Steve Swaine
13 Toyota Corolla GTi Colin Osborne A 351
14 Paul Flottmann
Bill Sieders
Ian Green
31 Nissan Pulsar SSS Paul Flottman B 348
15 Glenn Jordan
Paul Wilken
41 Suzuki Swift GTi Glenn Jordan A 347
16 Peter Brock
Tony Scott
05 Volvo 850 T-5R Volvo 850 Racing T 344
NC Ken Talbert
John Goss
Phil Kirkham
34 Mazda 626 Ken Talbert B 272
NC Kevin Burton
Peter Vorst
Howard Laughton
17 Ford EB Falcon SS Kevin Burton V 265
DNF Garry Smith
Nigel Stones
Glenn Mason
14 Toyota Corolla GTi Garry Smith A 257
NC Win Percy
Ed Ordynski
06 Volvo 850 T-5R Volvo 850 Racing T 254
NC Neal Bates
John Ribeiro
Peter Dane
29 PRB Clubman Rick Bates S 240
DNF Phil Alexander
Warren Rush
Rick Bates
2 Toyota MR2 Rick Bates S 235
DNF Chris Wiles
Glenn Clark
Warren Luff
98 Ford Laser TX3 Chris Wiles A 215
DNF Mark Larmour
Matthew Hunter
Phillip Scifleet
37 Suzuki Baleno Mark Larmour A 153
DNF Peter McLeod
Ryan McLeod
50 Mazda RX-7 Peter McLeod X 137
DNF Graham Blanch
Ric Shaw
Denis Rogers
44 Nissan Pulsar SSS Euro Racing B 134
DNF John Wright
Geoffrey Corah
Denis Cribbin
27 Citro├źn BX16 Peter McLeod B 123
DNF Geoff Morgan
John Smith
Brad Jones
4 Porsche 911 RSCS Geoff Morgan X 111
DNF Chris Kousparis
Anthony Wilson
Terry Shiel
36 Mazda 626 Chris Kousparis B 106
NC Milton Leslight
Ian Green
16 Peugeot 405 Milton Leslight B 100
DNF Terry Bosnjak
Alan Jones
8 Mazda RX-7 SP Terry Bosnjak X 94
DNF Calvin Gardner
Tom Watkinson
Peter Hopwood
28 Toyota MR2 Acme Photo Video S 89
DNF Kevin Ledger
Chris Smith
Richard Carter
42 Suzuki Swift GTi Kevin Ledger A 76
DNF Aussie Newhouse
Barney Morris
William Cooke
38 Toyota Corolla GTi Bradley Australia A 71
DNS Milton Leslight
Brendon Cook
Peugeot 405 AAP Racing B 0

Italics indicate driver qualified but did not race

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