1992 James Hardie 12 Hour - Results


Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Class Laps
1 Charlie O'Brien, Garry Waldon, Mark Gibbs 17 Mazda RX-7 Mazda Australia T 254
2 Neville Crichton, Alan Jones, Tony Longhurst 20 BMW M5 BMW Australia Pty Ltd C 251
3 Colin Bond, Glenn Seton, Ken Mathews 8 Saab 9000 CSS Saab Automobile Australia T 250
4 Warren Cullen, Glen Cullen, Kim Jane 40 Holden VN Commodore SS Warren Cullen D 249
5 John Bowe, Gregg Hansford 7 Mazda RX-7 Mazda Australia T 245
6 Graham Neilson, Wayne Park, Bill Gillespie 3 Holden VN Commodore SS Group A SV Falken Tyres D 244
7 Geoff Morgan, Keith Carling, Rick Bates 28 Toyota MR2 John Smith S 243
8 Peter McLeod, Peter Dane, Peter Janson 16 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 238
9 Jim Baird, Andrew Solness, Keith McLelland 77 Ford EB Falcon S XR8 James Baird D 238
10 Mick Monterosso, Steve Monterosso, Mark Poole 31 Holden VN Commodore SS Group A SV JV Crash D 237
11 Mark Brame, Henry Draper, Clyde Lee 56 Suzuki Swift GTi Mark Brame A 237
12 Tom Watkinson, Garry Willmington, Terry Lewis 49 Toyota Corolla SX Tom Watkinson A 237
13 Peter Fitzgerald, Jim Zerefos, Brett Peters 1 Holden VN Commodore SS Group A SV Hardie Dux Hot Water Systems D 236
14 Peter Brock, Neil Crompton, Paul Gover 45 Peugeot 405 Mi16 Peugeot Concessionaires Australia B 235
15 Warwick Rooklyn, Mark Larkham, Jeff Hutchinson 43 Nissan Pulsar SSS Gould Motorsport B 235
16 Murray Carter, Ed Lamont 18 Nissan Pulsar SSS Murray Carter B 233
17 Melinda Price, Tracey Taylor, Michelle Callaghan 22 Nissan Pulsar SSS Garry Rogers B 232
18 Andrew Wilson, Chris Walker, Geoff Crabtree 55 Suzuki Swift GTi Chris Walker A 232
19 Phil Alexander, Keith McCulloch, Warren Rush 52 Toyota Corolla SX Phil Alexander A 231
20 Sam Silvestro, Peter Godden, Ron Masing 51 Toyota Corolla SX Colin Osborne A 230
21 Harry Bargwanna, Brian Callaghan Jnr, Chris Symonds 48 Toyota Corolla Larry King A 229
22 Craig Dare, Brugetrass, Alan Curry 57 Suzuki Swift GTi Craig Dare A 228
23 Bill Harris, Ray Gulson, Glen Jordan 53 Suzuki Swift GTi Bill Harris A 228
24 David Sala, Steve Swaine, John Holmes 47 Toyota Corolla David Sala A 228
25 Mark Williamson, Ian Sawtell, Mike Reedy 58 Suzuki Swift GTi Carrier Airconditioning A 227
26 Allan Grice, Brad Jones, John Spencer 9 Holden VP Ute S Akubra Felt Hats D 226
27 John McEntee, Tim Slako, Geoff Leeds 96 Holden VN Commodore WA Bathurst Assault Pty Ltd D 225
28 Garry Rogers, Possum Bourne, Alf Barbagello 21 Subaru Liberty RS Garry Rogers T 224
29 Peter McKay, Ian Luff, Bob Jennings 05 Peugeot 405 Mi16 Peugeot Concessionaires Australia B 223
30 Ray Ryan, Jim Runciman, Harry Dutton 23 Nissan NX Coupe Tubemakers of Australia S 222
31 Bob Griffin, Trevor Hodge, Peter Taffa 39 Holden VN Commodore Bob Griffin C 221
32 Mark Lyons, Darrell Dixon, Graham Lusty 34 Ford EA Falcon Mark Lyons C 217
33 Kevin Burton, Alan Lewis, Mark Arnold 59 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Kevin Burton A 214
34 Geoffrey Full, Neal Bates, Geoffrey Forshaw 15 Toyota Supra Mountain Motorsport T 212
35 Mike Imrie, Grant Munday, Chris Clearihan 46 Saab 900i MJ Imrie B 208
36 Alan Letcher, Steve Hitzman, Phillip Johnson 32 Holden VN Commodore Alan Letcher C 207
37 Rod Jones, Ed Ordynski, George Fury 12 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Rodney Jones T 202
38 Peter Vorst, Vorst, Paul Flottman 27 Ford EA Falcon Sydney Allen Printers C 193
39 Gordon Leven, Wayne Bell, Gary McDonald 36 Holden VN Commodore Gordon Leven C 191
DNF Peter Whitaker, Calvin Gardiner, Peter Hopwood 29 Toyota MR2 P Whitaker S 236
DNF Kent Youlden, Brett Youlden, Dick Johnson 2 Ford Laser TX3 Ford Motor Co of Australia T 230
DNF Ian Palmer, John English, Brett Bull 35 Holden VP Commodore SS Palmer Tube Mills C 205
DNF George Santana, Tony Farrell 24 Honda CRX Autoventure S 197
DNF John Bourke, John Smith, Steve Griffiths 4 Toyota Supra John Bourke T 189
DNF Glenn McIntyre, Graham Gulson, John Wright 14 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 185
DNF Steve Hardman, David Stone, Marc Ducquet 10 Hyundai Lantra Steve Hardman A 161
DNF Warren Aubin, Jeff Edwards, Roland Hill 37 Holden VN Commodore Roland Hill C 138
DNF Colin Osborne, David Thomas, Keith Byrn 50 Toyota Corolla Colin Osborne A 118
DNF Alf Grant, Jane Taylor, Peter Brierley 41 Holden VN Commodore P Brierley C 115
DNF Tony Scott, Terry Shiel, Graham Moore 6 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 Team Mitsubishi Ralliart T 108
DNF Damon Beck, Brian Wilshire, Tony Greig 87 Nissan Pulsar SSS Damon Beck B 65
DNF Marl McLaughlin, Troy Dunstan, David Parsons 25 Peugeot 405 Mi16 Peugeot Concessionaires Australia B 27
DNF Glenn Clark, Ludwig Finauer, Christopher Wiles 19 Citroën BX16 Peter McLeod B 17
DNF Lou Renato, Malcolm Stenniken, David James 11 Hyundai Lantra Lou Renato A 17
DNF John Pollard, Rod Stevens, Ed Aitken 26 Honda CRX Eric Houghton S 4

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