1990 Sandown 500 - Results


The final results were:

Position Division No. Entrant Drivers Car Laps
1 Div.1 35 Peter Jackson Racing Glenn Seton
George Fury
Ford Sierra RS500 161
2 Div.1 6 Mobil 1 Racing Charlie O'Brien
Peter Brock
Ford Sierra RS500 161
3 Div.1 28 Playscape Racing Kevin Waldock
Mike Preston
Ford Sierra RS500 158
4 Div.1 05 Mobil 1 Racing Peter Brock
Andrew Miedecke
David Parsons
Ford Sierra RS500 151
5 Div.1 15 Toyota Team Australia John Smith
Drew Price
Toyota Supra Turbo A 149
6 Div.1 46 Gary Willmington Performance Gary Willmington
Bryan Thomson
Toyota Supra Turbo 144
7 Div.1 44 Paul Trevathan Paul Trevethan
Andrew McDowell
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A 144
8 Div.3 78 Phoenix Motorsport Geoff Full
David Ratcliff
Toyota Sprinter AE86 139
9 Div.1 23 Beaurepaires Chris Lambden
Greg Crick
Nissan Skyline HR31 GTS-R 137
10 Div.1 19 Car Trek Racing Bob Jones
Heather Spurle
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV 129
11 Div.1 22 Lusty Engineering Graham Lusty
Peter Janson
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV
DNF Div.1 11 Perkins Engineering Larry Perkins
Tomas Mezera
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV
DNF Div.1 38 Andrew Bagnall Andrew Bagnall
Robbie Francevic
Ford Sierra RS500
NC Div.3 74 Phil Alexander
Keith McCulloch
Toyota Corolla
DNF Div.1 9 Allan Moffat Enterprises Klaus Niedzwiedz
Gregg Hansford
Ford Sierra RS500
DNF Div.1 36 Peter Hudson
Ian Clark
Ian Carrig
BMW 635 CSi
DNF Div.3 71 Toyota Team Australia John Faulkner
Neal Bates
Toyota Corolla FX-GT AE92
DNF Div.1 18 Shell Ultra-Hi Racing Jeff Allam
John Bowe
Paul Radisich
Ford Sierra RS500
DNF Div.1 14 Netcomm Murray Carter
Matt Wacker
Ford Sierra RS500
DNF Div.3 75 Bob Holden Motors Dennis Rogers
Llynden Reithmuller
Toyota Corolla
DNF Div.3 70 Toyota Dealer Team Peter McKay
Paul Stokell
Toyota Corolla FX-GT AE92
DNF Div.2 53 Brian Bolwell Racing Mike Twigden
Brian Bolwell
BMW 323i
DNF Div.1 16 Holden Racing Team Win Percy
Neil Crompton
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV
DNF Div.1 42 Lusty Engineering John Lusty
Bernie Stack
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV
DNF Div.1 17 Shell Ultra Hi Racing Dick Johnson
John Bowe
Ford Sierra RS500
DNS Div.3 72 David Sala David Sala
Richard Vorst
Toyota Corolla
DNS Div.1 86 Gemspares Daryl Hendrick
Joe Sommariva
Holden VL Commodore SS Group A SV

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