1990 in Baseball - Major League Baseball Final Standings

Major League Baseball Final Standings

American League
Rank Club Wins Losses Win % GB
East Division
1st Boston Red Sox 88 74 .543 --
2nd Toronto Blue Jays 86 76 .531 2.0
3rd Detroit Tigers 79 83 .488 9.0
4th Cleveland Indians 77 85 .475 11.0
5th Baltimore Orioles 76 85 .472 11.5
6th Milwaukee Brewers 74 88 .457 14.0
7th New York Yankees 67 95 .414 21.0
West Division
1st Oakland Athletics 103 59 .636 --
2nd Chicago White Sox 94 68 .580 9.0
3rd Texas Rangers 83 79 .512 20.0
4th California Angels 80 82 .494 23.0
5th Seattle Mariners 77 85 .475 26.0
6th Kansas City Royals 75 86 .466 27.5
7th Minnesota Twins 74 88 .457 29.0
National League
Rank Club Wins Losses Win % GB
East Division
1st Pittsburgh Pirates 95 67 .586 --
2nd New York Mets 91 71 .562 4.0
3rd Montréal Expos 85 77 .525 10.0
4th Chicago Cubs 77 85 .475 18.0
4th Philadelphia Phillies 77 85 .475 18.0
6th St. Louis Cardinals 70 92 .432 25.0
West Division
1st Cincinnati Reds 91 71 .562 --
2nd Los Angeles Dodgers 86 76 .531 5.0
3rd San Francisco Giants 85 77 .525 6.0
4th Houston Astros 75 87 .463 16.0
4th San Diego Padres 75 87 .463 16.0
6th Atlanta Braves 65 97 .401 26.0

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