1975 Phillip Island 500K - Results


Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Class Laps
1 Peter Brock 5 Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 Gown – Hindhaugh D 106
2 Allan Grice Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D 102
3 Jim Murcott
Rod Stevens
41 Ford Escort RS2000 B 101
4 Kelvin Gough 10 Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D 100
5 Fred Gibson Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV B 98
6 Gary Cooke
Neil Mason
Mazda RX-3 B 98
7 Lawrie Nelson 13 Ford Capri GT3000 C 98
8 John Goss Ford XB Falcon GT D 97
9 Craig Bradtke Mazda RX-3 C 97
10 Bill Evans Datsun 1200 A 96
11 Graeme Blanchard Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D 96
12 Rod McRae Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D 95
13 Cam Richardson Holden LJ Torana GTR XU-1 D 95
14 Phil George Datsun 240K B 93
15 Bob Nissen Ford Capri V6 C 91
16 Max de Jersey
Neil West
Honda Civic A 90
17 Robin Dudfield Alfa Romeo GT Junior A 90
18 Caroline O'Shanesy Morris Cooper S A 88
19 Ray Molloy Leyland Clubman GT A 83
20 Alan Broome
Frank Brewster
Alfa Romeo GT Junior A 83
21 B Derrick Ford Escort GT A
Other starters included the following
? B Porter
J Ainsley
54 Mazda 1300 A
? Colin Campbell Ford Escort RS2000 B
? Ken Harrison Ford Escort GT A
? Max McGinley 51 Honda Civic A
? Ross Wemyss Mercedes-Benz 280E
? V Evans Ford Escort GT A
DNF Colin Bond Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team D
DNF Frank Porter Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Beninca
DNF Geoff Wade Ford Escort GT A
DNF Jim Keogh Ford XB Falcon GT D
DNF John Pollard Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D
DNF John Stoopman Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D
DNF Murray Carter Ford XB Falcon GT D
DNF Paul Benasconi Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV Alfa Romeo Dealer Team
DNF Peter Janson Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D
DNF Stuart Saker Holden Torana GTR XU-1 D
DNF Warren Cullen Holden LH Torana SLR5000 L34 D

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