1970 Rothmans 12 Hour - Results


Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Laps
Class A
1 Wally Scott, Eric Olsen 43 Toyota Corolla WJ Scott 398
2 Peter Lefrancke, Blair Salter Toyota Corolla AMI Racing Team 392
3 Lionel Cordingley, Frank Leggatt, Brian Scoffell Morris Mini K LW Cordingley 373
4 Barry Tapsall, Bill Evans Datsun 1000 Datsun Racing Team 329
5 G Geshopulos, D Fraser Hillman GT George Geshopulos 152
DISQ Punch, Simpson Datsun 1000 Datsun Racing Team
Class B
1 Dave Morrow, Bob Wootton Datsun 1600 DJ Morrow 413
2 Frank Coad, Jon Leighton Datsun 1600 Datsun Racing Team 408
3 John Roxburgh, Graham Cosworth 31 Datsun 1600 Datsun Racing Team 402
4 Bill Beverley, Tony Basile Mazda 1200 Coupe Bill Beverley Motors 384
5 B Jemison, D Booty Datsun 1600 Windmill Star Service Station 382
Class C
1 Don Holland, Bob Skelton Morris Cooper S Miniland 426
2 Joe Camilleri, John Humphrey Morris Cooper S Grand Prix Auto Service 422
3 Trevor Meehan, T Strickland Morris Cooper S Trevor Meehan 418
4 Ron Kearns, Bob Forbes Fiat 125 Zanardo & Rodriguez Sales and Service 415
5 Terry Friar, Bill Lubke Mazda R100 Terry Friar 389
6 Mick McGregor, Bob Gibson Morris Cooper S Keith Beaney 380
7 Roy Rogers, B O'Brien, F Hunt Mazda R100 Roy Rogers 371
? George Giesberts, C Wenzel 19 Holden Torana LC GTR
? Jenny Parker, Rod Arthur Morris Cooper S
DNF Cronan, Cortese Holden Kingswood V8
Class D
1 Colin Bond, Tony Roberts 5 Holden Monaro GTS 350 Holden Dealer Team 435
2 Bill Gates, Jim Bertram 1 Ford Falcon GTHO McCluskey Ford Pty Ltd 434
3 Barry Arentz, Brian Michelmore 4 Ford Falcon GTHO Central Auto Sales and Service 429
4 Paul Zacka, Graham Perry 6 Holden Monaro GTS 350 New Formula Motors 409
5 Pat Peck, Doug Macarthur 3 Ford Falcon GTHO D & P Traders Pty Ltd 405
6 Keith Williams, Max Volkers 7 Holden Monaro GTS 350 Lockhart Motors 403
7 Glynn Scott, Roy Griffiths 2 Ford Falcon GTHO McCluskey Ford Pty Ltd 398
DISQ Bill Tuckey, Sib Petralia 8 Holden Monaro GTS 350 Boyded

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