1964 Armstrong 500 - Results


As follows:

Pos No Entrant Drivers Car Laps
Class A
1 46 Boyded Pty Ltd Spencer Martin
Bill Brown
Vauxhall HA Viva 116
2 55 Boyded Pty Ltd Ron Clarke
Brian Muir
Vauxhall HA Viva 115
3 58 Clinton Motors Pty Ltd John Marchiori
Arnold Ahrenfeld
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
4 56 Boyded Pty Ltd Tony Simmons
Mike Champion
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
5 54 Jack Gates
Mike Nedelko
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
6 44 C. McLean
George Murray
Vauxhall HA Viva 112
7 40 Brian Milton
David Walker
Volkswagen 1200 112
8 47 Midge Bosworth
Peter Williamson
Hillman Imp 112
9 41 Chris McSorley
Phil West
Hillman Imp 110
10 59 Lionel Ayers
Dennis Geary
Hillman Imp 110
11 43 Bernie Haehnle
Neil McKay
Volkswagen 1200 110
12 38 Barry Ferguson
Bill Ford
Volkswagen 1200 109
13 49 Brian Reed
Lorraine Hill
Hillman Imp 108
14 51 Paul Bolton
John Schroder
Hillman Imp 107
15 42 Graham Forrest
Frank Hann
Volkswagen 1200 105
16 50 Matt Daddo
Keith Russell
Morris 850 104
DNF 39 Bryan Thomson
Bruce Wilson
NSU Prinz 94
DNF 52 Peter Cray
Phil Barnes
Morris 850
DNF 53 Bill Stanley
Steve Harvey
Morris 850
DNF 57 Eric Lane
Stan Pomroy
Morris 850 15
DNF 45 Lex Bailey
Bill Orr
Hillman Imp 0
DNS 48 Kennedy
Ford Anglia -
Class B
1 26 Ron Wood Pty Ltd Bruce Maher
Charlie Smith
Morris Cooper 124
2 36 P&R Williams Pty Ltd Don Holland
Laurie Stewart
Morris Cooper 123
3 23 College Auto Port Ray Kaleda
Barry Thiele
Morris Cooper 121
4 33 W Blomfield Warren Blomfield
Jerry Trevor-Jones
Morris Cooper 120
5 34 Bill March
Jim White
Renault R8 120
6 35 John Connolly
Rex Emmett
Renault R8 120
7 28 Bob Holden
Keith Pascall
Renault R8 119
8 29 Brian Fleming
Bill Gates
Renault R8 119
9 32 Peter Brown
Ray Gulson
Morris Cooper 118
10 37 Les Park
John Roxburgh
Renault R8 117
11 30 Jim Bonthorne
John Dando
Ford Cortina Mk.I 1500 116
12 27 Mike Martin
John Prisk
Morris Cooper 114
13 25 Alton Boddenberg
Digby Cooke
Simca Aronde 112
14 31 David Burton
Brian McGrath
Renault R8 103
DNS 24 Doug Chivas
Morris Cooper -
Class C
1 15 Ford Motor Co Bob Jane
George Reynolds
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 130
2 18 Fairfield Motors Pty Ltd Barry Seton
Herb Taylor
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 130
3 19 Ford Motor Co Harry Firth
John Reaburn
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 129
4 22 Ron Hodgson Motors Pty Ltd Ron Hodgson
John French
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 127
5 21 Ford Motor Co Ian Geoghegan
Leo Geoghegan
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 127
6 20 Frank Delandro Motors Bruce McPhee
Barry Mulholland
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 126
7 16 WH Lober & Co Phil Ismay
Bob Skelton
Holden EH 179 101
DNF 14 Anthony Cooper
Joe Hills
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT
DSQ 13 Ian Grant
W. Mitchell
Holden EH 179 10
DNS 17 Budda
Holden EH S4 -
Class D
1 11 Needham Motors Pty Ltd Warren Weldon
Bert Needham
Studebaker Lark 128
2 8 Canada Cycle & Motor Co Fred Sutherland
Allan Mottram
Studebaker Lark 126
3 9 Buckle Motors Brian Foley
Bill Buckle
Citroën ID19 124
4 2 Jubilee Motors Pty Ltd Bill Burns
Brian Lawler
Ford Zephyr MkIII 123
5 1 Arthur Davis
Paul Mander
Triumph 2000 123
6 4 Bob Cook
Alwyn Rose
Chrysler SV1 Valiant 123
7 7 Bill Barnett
Don Johnston
Humber Vogue Sports 119
8 10 Australian Motor Industries Lex Davison
Rocky Tresise
Triumph 2000 117
9 3 Tony Allen
Tony Reynolds
Triumph 2000 116
10 5 Australian Motor Industries Bob Salter
Max Stewart
Triumph 2000 105
11 6 Lyndon McLeod
Lionel Williams
Holden EH Premier 95
DNF 12 Alec Mildren Motors Ralph Sach
Max Brunninghausen
Vauxhall Velox

The Team Prize was won by the three Ford Motor Co entered Ford Cortina GTs driven by Jane/Reynolds, Seton/Taylor and Firth/Raeburn.

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